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The verification services provided by our partner organizations can provide companies with third party certification, verification and assurance of climate or sustainability data.

These services are accredited under internationally recognized standards, including relevant ISO or ISAE standards and are accredited to perform certification under schemes such as the EU ETS and Western Climate Initiative.

Bureau VeritasBureau Veritas, through its 45,000 employees in 140 countries, takes its 300,000+ clients beyond quality, health, safety, and environmental compliance.

Bureau Veritas provides verification and certification in energy and carbon, bringing detailed capability in strategy, footprinting, reduction and associated data management and carbon disclosure, across diverse industrial and commercial client operations.

As a proven sustainability assurance leader, their independent verification and certification is provided against a range of GHG standards, schemes and guidelines including ISO14064, GHG Protocol, CDP, EUETS, CDM/JI and PAS2050.

Bureau Veritas is actively involved in GHG working groups, including ETS national groups, Technical Committee for ISO 14064, CRC-WG and the IETA Verifiers group for the EUETS.

To learn more visit www.bureauveritas.com.

Contact Bureau Veritas

Lina Hilwani – lina.hilwani@uk.bureauveritas.com

Lisa S. Barnes – lisa.barnes@us.bureauveritas.com



LRQA is a recognised, world leading professional assurance services organisation.  They are known within the climate change and sustainability arena for their expertise and credibility at providing impartial, internationally accredited and trusted sustainability and climate data verification services. They also participate in the technical committees that improve and develop standards including ISO, IETA, WRI, WBCSD and the ETG.

For organisations looking to verify their data for CDP, LRQA’s tailored verification services can apply to a wide array of reporting and verification standards, including but not limited to the ISO14001, ISO14064, CDP, CDM/JI, PAS2050, EUETS, EN16001, TCR, CAR and numerous domestic schemes. 

From early stage training and gap analysis services to full verification of your inventory against a chosen standard meeting CDP criteria, LRQA will ensure your information is fit for purpose. 

Why verify?

LRQA’s climate change and sustainability services .

Email LRQA at enquiries@lrqa.com ​​​​​​​


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Leading companies partner with us to accelerate our mission. They experience a range of benefits including:

  • A link to the CDP network of 767 investors, some 5,000 companies and many governments.
  • Working alongside best-in-class organizations selected to be CDP partners.
  • Networking and relationship building.
  • Increased expertise by working with the gold standard of carbon reporting.
  • Contributing to the growth in disclosure and transparency.

To find out more about our partner program, please contact partnerships@cdp.net.

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Email verification@cdp.net to ask a question or give us your thoughts on verification. We will respond or send it to our expert working group.

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CDP white paper

Want to find out more about verification? Read the CDP paper, Verification of climate data. This paper provides an insight into verification and assurance, why third party verification is important and how it can benefit companies, along with practical guidance on the topic.

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