How are investors using CDP data?

Engagement with companies

Investment managers use CDP data to inform their engagements with companies and their filing and voting on shareholder resolutions.

  • Dutch asset management company Robeco is increasingly engaged in active dialogues with investee companies on behalf of its clients to stimulate better corporate governance and better conduct in social and environmental issues. Find out more >>
  • CalSTRS use CDP data used to enhance shareholder value. Find out more >>
  • Church Investors Group engaging with companies that do not respond to CDP’s request for climate change information. Find out more >>
  • For Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP), the huge amount of information that companies provide via CDP is extremely useful for assessing the extent companies are exposed to climate change risks, and the quality of their management response. Find out more >>

Ranking, scoring and screening companies

  • Aviva Investors consider a company’s disclosure to CDP, and the quality of their carbon management, in their investment decisions. Find out more >>

Creation of indices

  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series more >>
  • BNEF Global Corporate Renewable Energy Index 2011 more >>
  • Nedbank Green Index "Investing for the Future" more >>

Analysis of carbon sensitivity of portfolios

  • Nordea Asset Management integrates climate change across equity and bond portfolios. It uses data produced by CDP to undertake climate foot-printing of its portfolios and use this as an indicator of the carbon sensitivity of its investments. Find out more >>

Investment research

  • CA Cheuvreux uses CDP data for an analysis of the overall risks and opportunities related to climate change regulation and to CO2 mitigation efforts in the sector in the light of new challenges for European utilities. Find out more >>

One area of clear progress is the growing use of climate related shareholder resolutions. CalSTRS strongly believes that this is an important tool for investors to use as an engagement strategy, and CDP data is essential to the company as it develops and executes its shareholder resolutions.


We want to open up a conversation with companies about how they manage energy and other sources of carbon and to see if they can significantly reduce their costs.

Craig Mackenzie, Head of Sustainability at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP)

We use responses to the CDP questionnaire as one source of information for our engagements with companies on their environmental performance. We also engage with companies that do not participate in the CDP project. Both responses and non-responses thus inform our engagements with companies around the world.

Hans-Christoph Hirt, Director, Hermes Equity Ownership Services Limited
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