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CDP strives to catalyze a transformation to a sustainable world by placing environmental information, insights and our expertise at the heart of policy-making decisions.

Our unique insight can illuminate the links between private and public sector activity in areas such as mitigation and adaptation. This is why we engage with policymakers, governments and international institutions all around the world and aim to:

Accelerate solutions to environmental change

Drive more sustainable water use

Address exposure to deforestation risks

CDP's key objectives are to:

  • Support intergovernmental efforts to fight climate change with compelling evidence of private sector action, and by showcasing real prospect of green economic growth.
  • Provide governments with tools for creating better policies and regulations through the use of our data on barriers to private sector action and companies' and cities' perception of risks and opportunities arising from climate change.
  • Encourage governments to adopt regulatory standards for natural capital disclosure in order to cause an investment shift for a green economy. We're doing this by providing the world’s only framework for including environmental information in a corporation’s mainstream annual report through CDSB.
  • Encourage stock exchanges to incorporate environmental transparency into listing requirements by sharing lessons from both CDP and CDSB’s extensive knowledge in this area.



    The work of the Carbon Disclosure Project is crucial to the success of global business in the 21st century... helping persuade companies throughout the world to measure, manage, disclose and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. No other organization is gathering this type of corporate climate change data and providing it to the marketplace.

    Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, United Nations


    The Carbon Disclosure Project is to the future of business what the X-ray was to the then future of medicine. Without it we would never see the inside of the patient’s health.

    Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


    The EU's long-term goal is to cut emissions by 80-95% by 2050. This process will eventually impact on companies big and small across all sectors. Joining the Carbon Disclosure Project is a way for businesses to prepare themselves for this transition - and maximise their chances of profiting from it.

    Connie Hedegaard, Commissioner for Climate Action, European Commission


    Here, the capital market is of great importance and it is extremely important for investors to take account of climate change in their decision-making. I wish the Carbon Disclosure Project success with its further efforts both in Germany and worldwide.

    Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany


    Congratulations on the success of the Carbon Disclosure Project. The project demonstrates that many investors have a very comprehensive view of their fiduciary responsibilities to invest prudently, consistent with strong emphasis on improved corporate and investor governance.

    Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister, UK


    Through CDP, large buyers, such as Her Majesty's Government and large multinational companies, are working together to set a good example in their procurement practices. Together they send a strong message to suppliers that it is in their interest to reduce their carbon footprint. This is crucial for a transition to a low carbon economy.

    Henry Bellingham, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

How does CDP engage with governments and regulators?

CDP engages and works with policymakers, governments and international institutions all around the world to:

  • Provide governments with tailored research and analysis that draws upon data and information from CDP’s unique global database of corporate and city disclosure on environmental issues;
  • Inform policymakers about the impacts and actions of the private sector and cities by providing insights from CDP’s database through the NAZCA portal, policy briefings, events and consultation responses.
  • Advise regulators on formulating policy on high quality corporate environmental reporting, based on CDP’s decade-long knowledge of corporate disclosure on environmental issues.
  • Support governments in designing and implementing robust corporate environmental reporting systems, based on CDP’s vast experience.
  • Develop programs and projects together with governments to help deliver policy objectives and drive corporate emission reductions. See Commit to Action Initiative.

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