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Country: USA

Sector: Consumer Discretionary

YearProgramStatusDisclosure ScorePerformance Band
2016Climate Change 2016Submitted (not published)Not ScoredNot Scored
2016Water 2016Submitted (not published)Not ScoredNot Scored
2015Climate Change 2015Submitted100A
2015Water 2015SubmittedNot ScoredNot Available
2015Forests 2015SubmittedNot ScoredNot Scored
2014Climate Change 2014Submitted98A-
2014Forests 2014SubmittedNot ScoredNot Scored
2014Water 2014SubmittedNot ScoredNot Scored
2013Climate Change (Investor CDP)Submitted98A
2013CDP Water DisclosureSubmittedNot ScoredNot Scored
2013ForestsSubmitted (not published)Not ScoredNot Scored
2012Forest Footprint DisclosureSubmitted (not published)Not ScoredNot Scored
2012Investor CDPSubmitted96A
2012CDP Water DisclosureDeclinedNot ScoredNot Scored
2011Investor CDPSubmitted70B
2011CDP Water DisclosureNo ResponseNot ScoredNot Scored
2010CDP Water DisclosureNo ResponseNot ScoredNot Scored
2010Investor CDPSubmitted (not published)55C
2009Investor CDPSubmitted (not published)54Not Scored
2008Investor CDPSubmitted46Not Scored
2007Investor CDPSubmitted (not published)Not ScoredNot Scored
2006Investor CDPSubmittedNot ScoredNot Scored
2005Investor CDPDeclinedNot ScoredNot Scored
2004Investor CDPDeclinedNot ScoredNot Scored
2003Investor CDPNo ResponseNot ScoredNot Scored
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 Programs, Data & Support


CDP Reporter Services membership provides companies with personal disclosure support and enhanced access to the data for benchmarking and analysis to build internal expertise, reduce emissions and improve performance.


CDP Supply Chain membership enables organizations to implement successful supplier engagement strategies and manage environmental and business risk in a changing climate. The collective approach inspires innovation.


CDP Cities data is now easier to access, analyze, share and download. The data from all publicly reporting cities is available under Creative Commons in a series of .csv files for ease of use and comparability.


CDP’s Water and Forests programs both help businesses and their investors better understand and address the risks and opportunities associated with water scarcity and stewardship, and the use of agricultural commodities responsible for deforestation. This insight leads to intelligent action to manage these critical resources.


Packages are also available for commercial data partners and academic research

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