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CDP works with our accredited consultancy partners to provide a service to further support you and thousands of our other responding companies when you are reporting your climate change data to CDP.

Response Check is a high level 'checking' service for CDP responding companies that have completed their 2016 CDP response. Prior to final submission to CDP, an external check can now be performed to ensure the response is as complete as possible. The Response Check service is delivered by CDP's accredited consultancy partners who have received training from CDP on the Response Check methodology and process.

Response Check does not guarantee a responding company a better disclosure or performance score, nor is it verification or assurance of a CDP response. It is simply an additional set of expert eyes reviewing a response before final submission, with an emphasis on completeness rather than the quality of the content. The Response Check offering, standardised around the world, features a review of your CDP response followed by email and telephone feedback. There will be a maximum time commitment from consultants of five hours with an approximate turnaround time of one working week. You will then incorporate the Response Check feedback into your response and submit to CDP via our Online Response System (ORS).

A standard charge of US$1,000 for the service will be charged by CDP's consultancy partners. CDP is not involved in the financial transaction or the Response Check service at an individual company level and receives none of this revenue.

Commenting on this initiative Maia Kutner, Director of Technical Reporting at CDP said "Response Check can help ensure that company data provided to CDP is as complete and accurate as possible, and feedback from responding companies using the service is that they find it very useful as a final sense check before they submit their responses. Sometimes seemingly minor mistakes can let a response down and this service aims to provide an additional safety net."

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CDP's accredited consultancy partners commit to working with CDP to facilitate high quality disclosure of climate change data from global corporations, providing services that include carbon offsetting, carbon accounting, climate strategies, energy management, benchmarking, GHG inventories and sustainability skills capacity building. If you are interested in finding out more please contact our consultancy partners directly.



Learn about the benefits of Response Check in the webinar below.


Response Check from WSP provided Cisco an independent perspective comparing our responses to CDP's reporting criteria. This confidential review helped us refine our responses and further the drive for complete, accurate and transparent GHG emission reporting.

Darrel Stickler, Cisco
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