Why report to CDP's cities program?

Disclosure enables cities to understand the risks and opportunities of climate change for its citizens and the business community.


Why participate in CDP's cities program?

Engage other city departments

Track your city's
progress anually

Compile enviromental
data in one place

Engage with

Engage investors

Understand how major investors are engaing with environmental issues.

Connect to

827 private investors

worth more than

$100 trillion in assets

Access a global network

Join an ambitious global group who are setting bold commitments to act on climate change.

Over 300 cities
Over 60 states & regions
Over 5,600 companies

report to CDP

Insights and analysis

Provides you
with all public data

Receieve an evaluation
of your response

Benchmark your performance against peers

Find areas of

Process and timeline




29 April



Consultation period for amendments to the information request

CDP's cities information request is available online

Online response system opens

Submission deadline

CDP's cities findings launched around the globe

How to get started

Sign up! Any city government can participate. Email cities@cdp.net to register for this year's disclosure cycle.

Receive an email with an activation link and instructions to access the online response system.

Complete and submit the information request prior to the deadline. Detailed guidance is provided.

Look forward to your city being featured in the report launched in October.

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