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CDP requests standardized carbon and climate change information from some 5,000 of the world’s largest listed companies, as well as water information from a targeted subset of more than 600 listed companies. It does this through two annual questionnaires which it sends to companies on behalf of the institutional investors that endorse them as ‘CDP signatories’.

These shareholder requests for information encourage companies to account for and be transparent about environmental risk. CDP makes company responses available via our website and companies are scored each year on the quality of disclosure and performance so that investors can see at-a-glance which companies are best prepared for a regulated and resource constrained world. Transparency of this data throughout the global market place ensures the financial community has access to the best available corporate climate change information to help drive investment flows towards a low carbon and more sustainable economy.

Business accounts for over 70% of total greenhouse gas emissions and companies reporting to CDP account for one third of this global total. CDP’s global system stands to make a substantial impact on climate change and water management and incentivize a transformational change towards more sustainable, profitable business.

2012 signatories and assets

In 2013 more than 722 institutional investors representing in excess of US$ 87 trillion in assets - ranging from pensions funds like TIAA-CREF, insurance companies like Allianz and Swiss Re, through to asset managers such as BlackRock, PGGM, Amundi and investment banks such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs - supported CDP in engaging with companies worldwide to disclose and ultimately manage climate change issues in order to create and sustain long term shareholder value.

In 2013 more than 530 institutional investors representing in excess of US$ 57 trillion in assets supported CDP in engaging with companies worldwide to disclose and ultimately manage water issues in order to create and sustain long term shareholder value.

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To become a signatory or to find out more, contact:

Emanuele Fanelli
Senior Vice President - Investor Initiatives | +44 (0) 20 3818 3961

2013 climate change questionnaire

  • Climate change governance
  • Analysis of the commercial risks and opportunities from climate change including: regulation, physical risks from extreme weather events, changes in technology and shifts in consumer attitude and demand
  • Strategy to respond to the risks and opportunities that climate change presents, including GHG emissions management, reduction and cost implications
  • GHG emissions accounting and energy use data

2013 water questionnaire

  • Water management and governance
  • The commercial risks and opportunities relating to water both in companies’ own operations and in their supply chains. Particular attention is given to exposure to water scarcity, flooding and pollution; regulation; reputational, product related and infrastructure risk; and linkages between water related and carbon-related risks and opportunities
  • Water accounting including withdrawals, discharges and water-intensity
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