Our climate change work

For over a decade CDP has worked to tackle climate change. It is linked to everything we do.

We believe that systemic change – a real transformation of the global economic system – is required if we are to achieve the scale of change that will limit global warming and prevent catastrophic climate change.

Rising energy demands are competing for a limited supply of fossil fuels. Energy security and a clean energy revolution have never been more important.

The CDP system has helped move climate change and energy efficiency onto the business radar and into mainstream business thinking. Companies are better able to understand how to protect themselves from the impacts of climate change and become more energy efficient. Our approach has also helped the investment community to become more aware of the risk to their portfolios and act to achieve more sustainable and strong shareholder returns.

  • Request information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and the risks and opportunities from climate change from thousands of the world’s largest companies. We do this on behalf of 822 institutional investors with US$95 trillion in assets. Through measurement and transparency companies are better placed to manage carbon and protect themselves from climate change risk. Disclosed information is made available by CDP for integration in business, investment and policy decision making.

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  • Use the power of the shareholder to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We co-ordinate a request from a group of investors asking the world’s largest companies in high emitting sectors to implement cost-effective emissions reductions. This expands on our climate change disclosure request to accelerate greater action by companies around the world.

    Find out more about our Carbon Action initiative >>
  • Provide companies with carbon management support services. We have developed a services package that helps companies take a rigorous approach to carbon management, benchmark business performance and learn best practices.

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Business, financial and political leaders discuss advancing sustainable, profitable business growth.

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We request climate change data on behalf of 822 institutional investors to be used by financial decision makers in their investment, lending and insurance analysis.

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A vanguard group of investors are asking the world’s largest companies to demonstrate that they are managing carbon effectively.

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We work with global corporations to understand the impacts of climate change across the supply chain, harnessing their collective purchasing power to encourage suppliers to measure and disclose climate change information.

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We request forest-risk information from companies on behalf of 298 signatory investors with more than US$19 trillion of assets, who wish to understand the exposure to deforestation within their portfolios.

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