CDP water FAQs

What is CDP’s water program about?            
Why is water a business issue?
What companies have been sent CDP’s water questionnaire in 2016?
What if my company doesn’t use much water in its operations?
What if I don’t have data on my supply chain?
How do I persuade my senior managers to agree to disclose?
What is the deadline for responding?
What if a company wishes to change or update a response?
Can you report through CDP’s water program voluntarily?
Has the water questionnaire changed from last year?
Who has access to company data from CDP’s water program?
Will my response be scored?            
How can I receive feedback on my response?            
Is there a fee for responding?
What is the difference between a public and a non-public response for CDP's investor programs?

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Ask your suppliers to respond to CDP

CDP has a wealth of information and guidance on how to respond to the questionnaire.

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