CDP supply chain FAQs

What is the deadline for responding?
How do I let my customer(s) know my organization is responding?
What is the reporting period for the 2016 questionnaire?
Does the inventory year need to align with the fiscal year?
What is CDP’s approach to verification/assurance of GHG inventories in 2016?
When will responses be available to view? 
Can CDP provide advice on emissions factors?
Where can I report carbon offsetting strategies?
I responded to CDP supply chain 2015; can I use the ‘Copy from last year’ button in CDP climate change 2016?
What are the benefits of responding to CDP?
My company has not been invited to disclose, is it still possible
to provide a response?
I am already responding to CDP this year and have now been asked to
respond to the supply chain request too - what else is required?
Will companies be penalized in any way for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire?            
How do I participate in CDP?
Does CDP score data provided for previous years?
What is the SME version of CDP’s supply chain questionnaire?
What is the difference between a public and a non-public response for CDP's supply chain program?

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Ask your suppliers to respond to CDP

CDP has a wealth of information and guidance on how to respond to the questionnaire.

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