Supply chain program guidance

Timeline 2016

The timeline depends on how you have been requested to respond to CDP.

  • Requested by customers only
    Companies receive the request in early April and must submit entirely by July 28.
  • Requested by customers and investors (see climate change program)
    Companies receive the investor request in early February, and the supply chain request in early April. The main questionnaire must be submitted by June 30 and supply chain module submitted by July 28. Follow this step-by-step guide to submit to both CDP's climate change and/or water and supply chain questionnaires. (forthcoming March 2016)


The questionnaires are divided into several sections in order to fully understand the actions your company is undertaking to mitigate the risks in the supply chain.

Responder pack (forthcoming March 2016)

This includes the questionnaire, drafting word document, main guidance documents, scoring methodology, roadmap, and ORS guidance.

  • Download the Supply Chain Climate Change Responder Pack
  • Download the Small & Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Supply Chain Climate Change Responder Pack -  check if you are eligible here
  • Download the Supply Chain Water Responder Pack



Upcoming guidance webinars​

    There are currently no upcoming live webinars.

Recorded Guidance Webinars​ ​​

How to calculate your greenhouse gas emissions | Download notes

How to set a carbon reduction target | Download notes

Introduction to climate change disclosure webinar | Download notes

How to use the ORS

Constructing your response webinar | Download notes

Explaining the terminology webinar | Download notes

Risks and opportunities webinar | Download notes

Accounting, boundaries and scopes webinar | Download notes

Supply Chain Module webinar

Support for Small/Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) webinar | Download notes​​​


2015 Scoring Information (to be updated March 2016)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supply Chain Scoring Methodology 2015
Question-level information on disclosure and performance scoring methodology.


CDP Response Check

You can avoid mistakes in your response by using our Response Check service.

Our Response Check service picks up issues that may affect your score, or problems with the information you are presenting to your stakeholders. Find out more.

Arrange your Response Check with our accredited consultancy partners by emailing​​​​​​​

Guidance on responding

Supply Chain Reporting Guidance Documents 2016
This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the req​uired format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer. This document is free to download.

Forthcoming March 2016:

Using the Online Response System (ORS)
How to activate, log in, and use the ORS, including common problems and solutions.

  • Watch a recorded webinar on using the ORS

How to respond to supply chain as an SME
Guidance for small and medium sized enterprises to select a shorter questionnaire

How to respond to supply chain water request 
Instructions on how to respond and submit your water request in supply chain

How to submit investor climate change and/or water and supply chain questionnaires
Guidance for submitting the supply chain questionnaire if your company has also been requested to respond to climate change and/or water by investors

Supply Chain Drafting Documents 2016
These documents are solely for the purpose of drafting a response to CDP's 2015 supply chain questionnaire. Your final response to CDP must be entered via the CDP Online Response System (ORS).

  • Supply Chain Climate Change Drafting Document
  • Supply Chain Drafting Document (SME version)
  • Supply Chain Water Drafting Document

Guidance for First Time Responders 
A document to help new responders​ submit information to CDP.

Supply Chain Reporting Roadmap 2016
A guide to help responders to move from a basic response towards complete disclosure.

  • Supply Chain Climate Change Roadmap
  • Supply Chain Climate Change Roadmap (SME version)

CDP Amendments Policy
Please check your response before submitting. Read this page if you need to amend your respond after you have submitted


Additional guidance on responding

Carbon footprinting overview for chinese companies
Other languages: Mandarin

Carbon footprinting: carbon reporting tool for Chinese SME companies - user guide
Other languages: Mandarin

Emissions collection and reporting tool for Chinese SME companies

Additional Guidance for Walmart Suppliers
Instructions on how to fulfill Walmart's goals through your CDP supply chain response

Further sources of help

CDP reporter services
CDP service partners
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