Forests program guidance

Timeline 2016

Companies receive the request in February and must submit by June 30.


The questionnaire is divided into several sections to provide a logical structure to fully understand the actions your company is undertaking to address deforestation risk.

Reporting Guidance 

This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer.

Responder pack

This includes the questionnaire, drafting document, reporting guidance, scoring methodology, and ORS guidance.​

  • Download the Forests responder pack (forthcoming February 2016)


Guidance webinars

The guidance webinars provide an introduction to the forest program, explaining the value and opportunities that result from disclosing on forests, and how the disclosure process works.

Special focus webinars

  • Deforestation-free supply chains: the importance of transparency and corporate disclosure
    WWF's Director of Forests, Rod Taylor, reviewed the recent groundswell of corporate deforestation-free commitments and the opportunities and challenges to implement these in the 11 global deforestation fronts identified in the latest chapter of the WWF Living Forests Report, Saving Forests at Risk. The need for transparency was discussed as a key element to achieve a deforestation-free supply chain.
    Watch recording

Previous webinars

  • 2014 Results: CDP forests information request
    CDP’s forests program presents its latest findings, “Deforestation-free supply chains: from commitments to action” looking at the progress of companies along the journey to sustainable commodity production in a webinar hosted by 2degrees.
    Watch recording​
  • CDP's forest program: 2015 Questionnaire
    Watch recording

CDP's sector focus

Discover how CDP seeks to increase and tailor disclosure from companies in high impact sectors to gather insight into their environmental performance.
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Guidance on responding

Forests reporting guidance 2016
This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer. ​

Forests program drafting document (zip)
This document is solely for the purpose of drafting a response to the 2016 Forests questionnaire. Your final response to CDP must be entered via the CDP Online Response System (ORS).

Changes Document for 2016
An outline of major changes in the forests questionnaire.

Forthcoming February 2016:

Using the Online Response System (ORS)
How to activate, log in, and use the ORS, including common problems and solutions.
Watch a recorded webinar on using the ORS

Guidance for first time respon​ders
A document to help new responders submit information to CDP.

Additional guidance for airline companies
A document to advise airline companies on how to include information on biofuels in their response.

CDP forests guidance document 2015
(for reference only)

Further sources of help

CDP reporter services
CDP service partners
Contact us at​

Scoring information

2016 scoring methodology

CDP aims to score all the companies in the forests sample that submit in English, by June 30. In addition, those self-selected companies that receive a score in 2015 will also be scored if their response is submitted by this deadline. Companies are therefore advised to consult the CDP forests scoring methodology when formulating their response. The 2016 scoring methodology will be available by the end of February.

Companies will receive their score in a feedback chart, allowing them to benchmark themselves against their sector. CDP forests intend to publish these scores going forward, the timing of which is under review.

CDP forests scoring methodology 2015
The 2015 forests scoring methodology is also available as an excel worksheet (zip).

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