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The questionnaire is divided into several sections in order to fully understand the actions your city is undertaking to mitigate the risks of climate change.


Guidance on responding

Cities guidance document
This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer. The guidance will also be available in other languages soon.

Compact of Mayors guidance
This explains each question in the Compact of Mayors module in detail and includes what information to provide. This will be made available by Friday 15th January.

C40 Cities guidance document
This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format for C40 cities.

Cities Analytics Guidance
This guidance document explains the functionality of Analytics and gives more detail on each chart.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us at


Evaluation information

Evaluation methodology
CDP will be piloting an evaluation of your response. Download the above methodology to find out more.


Detailed timeline

  • August 2015: Cities and companies give their feedback on the questionnaire;
  • December 2015: Cities information request is available online;
  • January 2016: Online response system opens;
  • March 2016: Response check deadline;
  • April 29 2016: Submission deadline;
  • September 2016: CDP's cities program findings launched around the globe.

Guidance events


    Upcoming events


  • CDP and C40 Reporting and Adaptation workshop
    17-18 February
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    This workshop will bring together C40 city representatives from Africa for an in depth session on data management, reporting, adaptation and the Compact of Mayors. The workshop will provide technical support to city staff working on climate change and allow them to connect with other cities in Africa working on similar challenges and opportunities. This is a closed workshop for C40 cities. For more information on upcoming support available for African cities, please contact

    Previous events


  • Compact of Mayors Webinar
    Webinar hosted by CDP Cities on reporting requirements for the Compact of Mayors and Q&A on the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories (GPC) with Amanda Eichel of Bloomberg Philanthropies and GPC expert, Jonathan Dickinson.  


  • Engaging business in the green economy
    Through CDP's 'Commit to Action' campaign, companies are setting goals for 100% renewable energy, committing to publicly report their climate-related activities and GHG emissions and aiming to set science-based carbon reduction targets. Take the next step and learn how to engage your City's companies in Commit to Action. In this webinar, learn how City of Vancouver and two area businesses are working together to advance a robust sustainability agenda in the city. 

View more past event recordings

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