CDP forests FAQs

What are the aims of CDP’s forests program?
Why are investors interested in CDP’s forests information request?
Why should we respond to CDP’s forests information request?            
What is the relationship between Global Canopy Programme and CDP’s forests program?
How are the companies selected?
Will companies be penalized in any way for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire?
What is the deadline for responding?
What if a company wishes to change or update a response?
How is the response assessed?
How do you assess the quality of information provided?
Do you validate these disclosures by undertaking third party verification or certification of the responses?
How do companies receive feedback?
When will responses be available to view?
Are responses in the public domain?
What happens to my response if I respond publicly?
What happens to my response if I respond non-publicly?
How often does the questionnaire change?
How has the forests questionnaire changed in 2016?
What is the reporting period for the 2016 questionnaire?
Is there a fee for responding?            
What is the difference between a public and a non-public response for CDP's investor programs?

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Need help responding?

CDP has a wealth of information and guidance on how to respond to the questionnaire.

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