Consultations and feedback

CDP's annual questionnaire consultation is now closed

CDP's consultation period for the 2016 disclosure cycle concluded on 21 September for the following:

  • CDP's climate change questionnaire 2016;
  • Supply chain module 2016;
  • A blueprint for an integrated questionnaire for the food, beverage and agriculture (FBA) sector;
  • Electric utilities sector developments;  
  • Auto & auto component manufacturer module;
  • Oil and gas consultation ran in November and is now closed.

CDP would like to thank stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and insight on these documents on the proposed changes for 2016. All feedback will be taken into consideration and a summary document of the feedback provided during the consultation period will be available within six months from 21 September.

CDP feedback

If you have feedback on any aspect of your experience responding to CDP, please provide it here.

Your consultation response or any feedback on the consultation documents should not be provided through this form.

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