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Respondent CDP 2006: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

1 General does climate change represent commercial risks and/or opportunities company
size scope Wal Mart uniquely positioned impact world like company Hurricane Katrina struck Gulf Coast year used size strengths business bring relief individuals families communities need proud response started ask company world saw Katrina time Thankfully events like Katrina donâ € ™ t come world needs help time people environment pushed limits view happening environment Katrina slow motion Environmental loss threatens health health natural systems depend challenges face include increasing greenhouse gases contributing climatic change weather related disasters increasing air pollution leading asthma respiratory diseases communities water pollution increasing safe fresh water supplies shrinking water borne diseases cause millions death year children Thereâ € ™ s destruction critical habitat causing unprecedented threat diversity natural world just challenges largest companies world expanding global presence environmental problems problems supply natural products like fish food water sustained ecosystems provide sustained protected Thatâ € ™ s saw Katrina associates customers suppliers occupy towns children schools breathe air challenges threaten broader sense represent threats continued success business believe fact good steward environment communities efficient profitable business mutually exclusive fact environmental goals Wal Mart simple straightforward supplied 100 percent renewable energy create zero waste sell products sustain resources environment goals ambitious inspirational working hard achieve

2 Regulation financial strategic impacts company existing regulation GHG emissions estimate impact proposed future regulation
Currently GHG regulation minimal impact operations large direct emitter site basis typically directly regulated foresee significant regulation operations expect regulation impact energy suppliers increase energy costs order effectively manage taking steps enable company supply chain customers opportunity offset higher costs adoption technology innovative participation carbon markets

3 Physical risks operations affected extreme weather events changes weather patterns rising temperatures sea level rise related phenomena future actions taking adapt risks associated financial implications
articulated answer Q1 climate change significant threat communities serve globe continuously working better stewards environment

4 Innovation technologies products processes services company developed developing response climate change
described response Q8 Wal Mart moving aggressively reduce GHG footprint Wal Mart open share applied energy efficiency technology U S stores retail customers global suppliers fact currently developing supplier energy efficiency program enable low cost technology transfer supply network hope form basis energy efficiency model adopted private pubic sector organization manages supply chain developing programs advance purchase energy saving technology low energy light bulbs New marketing consumer education approaches development addition reviews costs products

5 Responsibility board level specific responsibility climate change related issues manages company's climate change strategies communicate risks opportunities GHG emissions climate change annual report communications channels
Tom Hyde Executive Vice President Corporate Secretary oversees Wal Martâ € ™ s corporate responsibility department executive sponsor Climate Network group internal external stakeholders Jim Stanway Director Project Development Energy Management manages climate change strategies direction Mr Hyde Climate Network Periodic reports given Board regarding progress business sustainability strategy climate change key element

6 Emissions quantity tonnes CO2e annual emissions main GHG's produced owned controlled facilities following areas listing data country Globally Annex B countries Kyoto Protocol EU Emissions Trading Scheme To assist comparing responses state methodology using calculating emissions boundaries selected emissions reporting standardise response data consistent accounting approach employed GHG Protocol (www ghgprotocol org) list GHG Protocol scope 1 2 3 emissions equivalent showing details sources data audited and/or externally verified
Attached metric tables Wal Martâ € ™ s greenhouse gas inventory methodology compliant World Resources Institute (WRI) World Business Council Sustainable Developmentâ € ™ s (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Initiative corporate greenhouse gas accounting reporting inventory designed meet rigorous complete accounting reporting standards positioning Wal Mart participate voluntary reporting initiatives registries Attached statement review Environmental Resources Trust

7 Products services estimated emissions tonnes CO2e associated following areas explain calculation methodology employed Use disposal products services supply chain
Wal Mart supply chain large diverse ranging small companies FORTUNE 50 corporations accurate assessment supply chain GHG foot print strategy development purposes estimate 10 times Wal Mart GHG footprint years intend develop supplier score cards evaluate environmental footprint suppliers expect include GHG reporting Wal Mart does manufacture products adopted zero waste goal short term goal create zero waste order address packaging want ensure goods come right size package materials packaging renewable recyclable materials Regarding packaging committed ï ‚ § Reducing solid waste U S stores clubs 25 percent years ï ‚ § Working suppliers create packaging overall increase product packaging recycling increase use post consumer material ï ‚ § Replacing packaging private brands alternatives sustainable recyclable years solutions build weâ € ™ doing ï ‚ § packaging team example worked supplier reduce excessive packaging private label toy products making packaging just little bit smaller private brand toys use 497 fewer containers generate freight savings $2 4 million year ï ‚ § November 2006 replace select produce packaging corn based (PLA) packaging just items â € “ cut fruit herbs strawberries Brussels sprouts change save equivalent 800 000 gallons gasoline prevent 11 million pounds greenhouse gas emissions polluting environment currently testing PLA cake donut boxes bread bags strawberry clam shells deli trays salad bowls believe Wal Mart continue kinds efforts significantly reduce waste going landfills communities reducing costs increased recycling remaining material new process place stores helping recycle plastic thrown away

8 Emissions reduction firm's current emissions reduction strategy investment committed implementation costs/profits emissions reduction targets time frames achieve For Electric Utilities question 11
Wal Mart wants help restore balance climate systems reduce greenhouse gases save money customers reduce dependence oil committed following ï ‚ § Aggressively investing approximately $500 million annually sustainable technologies innovations ï ‚ § Reducing greenhouse gases existing stores SAMâ € ™ S Clubs Distribution Centers world 20 percent seven years ï ‚ § Designing opening viable prototype store 25 30 percent efficient produce 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions years ï ‚ § Sharing learning world including competitors people utilize type technology larger market save customers ï ‚ § Aggressively pursuing regulatory policy changes create incentives utilities invest energy efficiency use low greenhouse gas sources electricity reduce barriers integrating sources power grid ï ‚ § Assisting design support green company program China Wal Mart preference suppliers factories involved program ï ‚ § Improving fleet fuel mileage efficiency combination better aerodynamics decreasing size packaging items sell anticipated technological improvements ï ‚ § Initiating program U S 18 months preference suppliers set goals aggressively reduce emissions

9 Emissions trading firm's strategy expected cost/profit trading EU Emissions Trading Scheme CDM/JI projects trading systems relevant
ASDA UK based subsidiary Wal Mart participated pilot UK ETS expect global GHG regulation expand market carbon develop intent position Wal Mart market aggregator credits monetize credits appropriate monies resulting activities used lower price GHG reducing products sell customers intent increasing market penetration

10 Energy costs total costs energy consumption e g fossil fuels electric power quantify potential impact profitability changes energy prices consumption
estimate total annual purchases fossil fuel purchases US$2 billion assumed purposes calculation 20% electricity purchase globally produced non fossil sources (Hydro wind solar nuclear) typical number estimated 30% operations substantial Southern Mid Western states use coal natural gas dominant 20% felt conservative estimation

11 NB question electric utilities Explain extent current future emissions reductions involve change use existing assets (i e fuel switching existing facilities) need new investment percentage revenue derived renewable generation government sponsored price support mechanism

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