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CDP is working with leading research houses that benefit from full access to the CDP database for the purposes of ESG and climate data research and the production of analytical reports. The data partners have an excellent track record of commitment to rigor as well as robust analysis and work to further CDP's goal.

Global data partners

Bloomberg Bloomberg provides high quality data, analytics, business news and financial information.

CDP is working extensively with Bloomberg to integrate information from CDP data on the Bloomberg platform. The data, which includes information regarding a company's carbon footprint, energy usage and climate change strategies, enables investors to more easily assess the financial risks posed by climate change to companies worldwide.

In addition to helping investors analyze the potential regulatory risks firms face as a result of their carbon emissions, the service also provides companies with more tools for participating in emissions trading markets.


Gold data partners

Ecometrica.Enviance* is a leading provider of cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EH&S) software, leveraging cloud computing technology to deliver its platform online in real-time—anytime, anywhere and enterprise-wide. Enviance’s comprehensive solutions have been developed, tested and proven by serving the world’s leading corporations and government organizations for over a decade.

Enviance enables organizations to measure, manage and report their critical EH&S data, and quantify and reduce EHS impacts, costs and risks for companies, their supply chains, and their customers. Founded in 1999, Enviance is a portfolio company of Battery Ventures.

To learn how companies leverage Enviance, visit www.enviance.com



As a member of a media group that is neutral, QUICK delivers reliable, trustworthy information. QUICK arranges and organizes securities and other financial information covering real time, historical and fundamental data. QUICK develops and maintains an extensive range of tools and applications such as asset management solutions in response to the trend from saving to investments, analytics for trading strategies and a robust network to carry information efficiently.

Through partnership with CDP, QUICK contributes to the promotion of socially conscious companies and to strengthening the relationships with their stakeholders.

QUICK is integrating CDP data into our services to meet today’s requirements of the investment community. For more information, please visit www.quick.co.jp.


TrucostBy partnering with the CDP, Trucost is able to support organizations in measuring, reporting and reducing their environmental impacts – across their own operations, supply chains and investment portfolios.


Trucost can support organisations and their CDP submissions by:

  • Measuring operational GHG emissions
  • Validating existing GHG emissions data to ensure the submission is accurate
  • Providing an assurance statement that the data was reported in line with best practice
  • Comparing corporate performance to peers and sector

In addition Trucost can:

  • Measure the GHG and wider environmental impacts (including water, waste, metals and chemicals) from internal operations, supply chain and investment portfolios
  • Identify the most efficient opportunities to reduce environmental impacts

For more information, please visit www.trucost.com


Silver data partners









Foundation Center 





 Become a partner


Leading companies partner with us to accelerate our mission. They experience a range of benefits including:

  • A link to the CDP network of 767 investors, some 5,000 companies and many governments.
  • Working alongside best-in-class organizations selected to be CDP partners.
  • Networking and relationship building.
  • Increased expertise by working with the gold standard of carbon reporting.
  • Contributing to the growth in disclosure and transparency.

To find out more about our partner program, please contact partnerships@cdp.net

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