How does CDP help Skanska?

By using CDP we have a better understanding of our impact, which means we can take action to reduce carbon emissions and, at the same time, save costs.

Johanna Wikander,
Green Support Manager,


Q. Describe your engagement with CDP

A. Skanska has been taking part in CDP since 2007. In 2010 and 2011, Skanska was the only construction company to achieve a position in the Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. In 2012, Skanska maintains its scoring and position as the leader in the construction sector in the Nordics.

Skanska and CDP

Which CDP programs do you take part in?
CDP’s climate change & supply chain programs

2013 disclosure score: 95
2013 performance band: B
Climate Disclosure Leadership Index: 2010, 2011, 2012

Q. How has the CDP process led to measurable, commercial benefits for Skanska?

A. Responding to the investor request for climate change data through CDP helps us to focus on carbon as a strategic priority, to understand and mitigate our environmental impacts, as well as helping us to identify opportunities to deliver greener projects.

Carbon equals money. This is true now and due to legislation and fiscal instruments, such as tariffs taxes and Emissions Trading Schemes, the correlation between carbon and money will be increasingly close. In addition, construction is a resource-intensive industry. To save resources, carbon and money we need to know where the costs and opportunities are, both within Skanska and our supply chain.

By understanding our impact, we can take action to reduce carbon emissions and, at the same time, save costs. This will be achieved in partnership with others, including our clients, designers, and supply-chain. For example, a joint venture calculating the carbon footprint of the UK’s M25 motorway identified opportunities that resulted in reducing carbon emissions by approximately 27% in total and financial savings of US61million. More examples can be found on Skanska’s website.

A proactive approach to carbon and resource efficiency often attracts the attention of forward-thinking clients. This creates business opportunities for Skanska, since we have a high level of competency within our organization, which enables us to deliver financially sound green and carbon efficient projects.


Q. How has the CDP process helped Skanska to drive strategic change?

A. The CDP process is an important vehicle in achieving our strategic ambition to be an environmental leader, because reducing levels of carbon in the atmosphere is a top priority of ours and a critical element of our Journey to Deep GreenTM, our program to help build a “Deep Green Society”, a place where projects have a near-zero environmental impact.

Transparency is an essential part of corporate reporting, whether releasing financial or environmental figures. Disclosing through CDP enables us to achieve transparency with our climate change data. Further, CDP encourage companies to have their data externally verified, which is a focus area for Skanska to take our Carbon reporting to the next level.

In terms of wider, transformative change, Skanska's involvement in the CDP helped to highlight the need for specific reporting for the construction industry. This led to the ENCORD (The European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development) Construction CO2e Measurement Protocol, which is the industry's first standardized, global methodology for measuring and reporting of Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

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