CDP's climate change program works to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk.

We believe that improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure is vital to the effective management of carbon and climate change risk. We request information on the risks and opportunities of climate from the world’s largest companies on behalf of 827 institutional investor signatories with a combined US$100 trillion in assets.

CDP's analytics tool has transformed how we use data to benchmark our risks, opportunities,
and emissions reduction targets against sector peers.

Barrick Gold Corporation


Global greenhouse gas emissions

Nearly a fifth of global GHG emissions are reported and managed through CDP


Investor signatories

There are now 827 investor signatories for CDP's climate change program, representing US$100tn


Companies responses

Over 5,500 companies responded to our annual climate change questionnaires in 2015


Why participate in CDP's climate change program?

Business leadership

Understanding the risks and opportunities around climate issues enhances your reputation.

Investor communication

Demonstrate to investors your proactive approach towards addressing climate risk.

Stakeholder communication

Increase your transparency and effectively communicate to your stakeholders.


Understand your performance and progress.

Risk management

Optimise your company's risk-reduction plan.

Stay ahead
of the curve

Reporting to CDP helps preparation for compliance with future regulations.


Reporting data shapes a sustainable business culture and encourages innovation.

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Why disclose your data to CDP

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