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Join 827 financial institutions including banks, investment managers, pension funds, insurers, foundations, endowments, private equity and real estate investors in addressing the companies you invest in or you lend money to, on the key structural challenges presented by climate change and natural resource scarcity.

CDP provides investors with critical environmental data infrastructure to integrate sustainability within the investment process. As a CDP investor signatory, you will gain free access to the world’s largest database of climate change, water and forest risk commodity information on thousands of disclosing companies.

Our investor signatories use CDP data for a wide range of purposes including integration into investment decision making and for shareholder engagement, and becoming a CDP signatory allows investors access to all company information. CDP is introducing a flat rate administrative fee for investor signatories to one or more of our information requests on climate change, water and deforestation. The fee of USD$975 excluding VAT is voluntary in 2016 and will be mandatory from 2017.

CDP’s data set is a unique and valuable tool in quantifying and comparing companies’ carbon emissions management and strategies. CDP’s work is a key part of GS SUSTAIN’s analysis of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on corporate performance, which will become increasingly important to investment analysis.

Andrew Howard, Founder, Didas research

Benefits of becoming a CDP investor signatory:

  • Access to all company responses to the questionnaire(s) which you endorse. These responses enable you to evaluate the climate, water and forest related risks and opportunities that may impact companies’ operations and financial performances, and thereby your portfolio.
  • Public recognition of your commitment to engaging with companies on issues of climate change, water and forests. Becoming a CDP signatory will help you to meet the UN Principles for Responsible Investment requirements on corporate disclosure, engagement, and investor collaboration.
  • A dedicated investor newsletter to inform you of the latest insights from the CDP data set and also any relevant developments and initiatives within the investor community.
  • Invitations to CDP events including report launches and investor roundtables.

If you are interested in becoming a signatory please download our signatory brochure or for further information contact Henry Repard at


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Become a signatory

To become a signatory or to find out more, please contact:

Henry Repard
Project Officer – Investor Initiatives | +44 (0) 20 3818 3928

or you can download our brochure.

Download the investor initiatives brochure

Investors' use of CDP data

CDP provides the most comprehensive collection of environmental data, including qualitative information and quantitative metrics. Find out how CDP data is being used by investors to support their decision making and activities.

Watch investors discuss why environmental aspects and CDP's non-financial data are so important in making investment decisions and help to drive change.

Investor news & events

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