Climate change program

CDP's climate change program works to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk. We believe that improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure is vital to the effective management of carbon and climate change risk.

It also helps companies capitalize on the opportunities for revenue generation through more sustainable products and services.

We request information on the risks and opportunities of climate from the world’s largest companies on behalf of 822 institutional investor signatories with a combined US$95 trillion in assets. CDP then provides this information to its 822 institutional investor signatories, as well as distributing it throughout the global market place to increase transparency around climate-related investment risk and commercial opportunity, and drive investments towards a low carbon economy.

Become a CDP signatory or upgrade to CDP investor membership

Institutional investors including banks, pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies who sign the CDP questionnaire are known as ‘CDP signatories'.

Our signatories use CDP data for a wide range of purposes including integration into investment decision making and for shareholder engagement. If you are interested in becoming a signatory, please fill in the form to the right or download our signatory brochure.

CDP signatories are eligible to become an investor member and benefit from enhanced analysis to all CDP responses through CDP Analytics (supported by SAP software), a program which enables quick comparison of responses across geographies, sector or to particular questions on the climate change questionnaire. CDP Analytics generates information in your choice of CSV, PDF, Excel or Word format and can be easily interfaced with your company’s own systems. Further investor membership benefits include quarterly conference calls with other members and enhanced recognition on the CDP website and within global CDP reports.

Become a member

Membership is open to any CDP signatory and offers a number of additional benefits including:

  • Enhanced access to all CDP responses via CDP analytics (supported by SAP software). This powerful analytics tool enables quick comparison of responses across geography, sector or question as well as the opportunity to create custom reports and graphics. Outputs from the tool can be generated as CSV, PDF, Excel or Word and easily interfaced with a company’s internal systems.
  • Quarterly conference calls with other members.
  • Enhanced recognition on CDP global reports and on the CDP website.
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Read our latest report
Global Climate Change Report 2015

Global Climate Change Report 2015
The CDP Global Climate Change Report 2015 offers a global analysis of the current state of the corporate response to climate change.

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Watch the video to find out how CDP can help you

*VIDEO* How can CDP help you?
Watch the video to find out how CDP data is helping companies and investors to analyze long-term risks and capitalize on commercial opportunities.

Why disclose?

Corporations that measure their carbon emissions are better able to manage them. Disclosing climate change information to your investors, banks and insurers through CDP enables you to:

  • Answer your shareholders’ request to provide comparable and relevant climate data
  • Identify greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities
  • Take a leadership position on understanding climate change risk
  • Demonstrate how your company innovates in this area
  • Communicate the climate change resilience of your company

Who discloses to CDP?

Over 5,000 companies responded to our annual climate change questionnaire in 2014.

Learn more about which companies receive CDP's climate change questionnaire here.


Guidance for responding companies
A wide range of support tools are available on our guidance page.

2015 Climate Change questionnaire
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Process and timeline

February 1
CDP issues a request for information (questionnaire) to the largest companies globally by market capitalization

June 30
Deadline for companies to respond to the questionnaire

September - December
Findings launched across the globe

September - November
Consultation phase for amendments to annual questions

November - January
CDP signatories review and sign the questionnaire

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