CDP supply chain FAQs

What is the deadline for responding?
What is the reporting period for the 2016 questionnaire?
Does the inventory year need to align with the fiscal year?
What is CDP’s approach to verification/assurance of GHG inventories in 2016?
When will responses be available to view? 
Can CDP provide advice on emissions factors?

Identifying the most appropriate and accurate emissions factors is one of the more challenging issues in GHG accounting as emissions factors vary with the precise nature of the material involved. Therefore, it is beyond the scope of CDP's work to provide advice on specific factors and how they should be applied.

The GHG Protocol encourages companies to calculate their own emissions factors based on specific materials used and processes adopted. When this is not possible, companies should refer to emissions factors published by governmental and other bodies such as the EPA in the US, DEFRA in the UK and the IEA. Companies may also find it useful to refer to emissions factor databases compiled by organizations offering carbon calculation services. In this case, for additional advice on emissions factors, companies could speak to one of CDP’s partners.

Where can I report carbon offsetting strategies?
I responded to CDP supply chain 2015; can I use the ‘Copy from last year’ button in CDP climate change 2016?
What are the benefits of responding to CDP?

CDP is an international not-for-profit organization providing the only global environmental disclosure system. These insights enable investors, companies and governments to mitigate risks from the use of energy and natural resources and identify opportunities from taking a responsible approach to the environment. This provides a platform for a responding company to demonstrate their current actions and achievements and is also a means to spotlight any future plans.

To facilitate ease of reporting for companies, CDP provides one standardized request that enables one response to be delivered to numerous investors or customers. This minimizes effort and maximizes reach on the part of the respondent. Many companies who are new to the process particularly find value in the structure of the questionnaire. Whilst they may not yet have any measured emissions data to provide, working through each section can help a company create their own internal strategies and systems, providing a framework for their climate change policies and actions. Find out more about responding to CDP's supply chain program.

My company has not been invited to disclose, is it still possible
to provide a response?
I am already responding to CDP this year and have now been asked to
respond to the supply chain request too - what else is required?

Companies already responding to an Investor-led CDP program (climate change, water or forests) that subsequently receive a supply chain request do not have to complete again any elements they have already answered.

The supply chain elements for climate change and water do contain additional questions, but on submission of the Investor-led responses your answers to CC1-15 and W1-10 will automatically be copied over into the response you submit to the supply chain program.

You will be required to save the Introduction for supply chain, ticking the appropriate boxes to copy over your existing response(s), complete the then proceed to submit.

Please do note the earlier deadline of 30 June 2016 for the investor-led programs, though your supply chain response may be submitted up to 28 July 2016.

To find more information on submitting multiple requests please see our step-by-step guide on the guidance pages.

Will companies be penalized in any way for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire?            
How do I participate in CDP?

New users must register using the activation link in the invitation sent by CDP, you cannot register for a company response on our website.

Your user portal will present you with the programs to which your company has been asked to respond. You can activate each questionnaire using the relevant link on this page. If you have not received an invitation, please contact us. Find out more about responding to CDP's supply chain program.

Does CDP score data provided for previous years?
What is the SME version of CDP’s supply chain questionnaire?

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CDP has a wealth of information and guidance on how to respond to the questionnaire.

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